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If you are looking for a job in the construction sector and you have got 'green skills' or expertise in sustainable building this is your chance!

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Take advantage of the new cleaner and more energy efficient model for the construction sector that promotes the EU.
Green Skills© is a job seeker engine specialized in green jobs in the construction sector.

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Visit our online platform and find candidates with updated training and accredited experience in 'green jobs' for the building sector. Hang your offers on our website and find the best prepared professionals to lead or execute your projects and stand out from the competition.
Forget the screening of thousands of applications! The platform supports only candidates specialized in ‘green skills’.
Green Skills© platform is specialized in green job offers for the construction sector.

What are 'green skills'?

The construction industry is changing. The European Union promotes a less polluting model of sustainable construction, more responsible with the environment and able to optimize the consumption of energy or implement the use of renewal sources. This new model requires specialized tasks and a prepared workforce with updated training and experience to tackle these challenges.

Updated skills and specializations in sustainable construction, new materials, insulation, sanitation, energy savings or rehabilitation with sustainable criteria, among other fields, can be considered as 'green skills'. This area records one of the greatest potential growth of employment in construction in the medium and long term in the EU.

Am I 'green skills' gifted?

This search engine is one of the results of the European project 'Connecting People for Green Skills'. As part of this initiative we have developed a list of jobs which record an intensive demand for workers with special skills in the field of sustainability applied to construction. The report indicates the skills related to each of the jobs studied. You can consult it here.

Experience in the field of sustainable construction and with energy saving criteria in the design, planning and the execution of the different tasks necessary to carry out with this kind of projects can be understood as 'green skills'. If you are in this case, you may be benefited from the job offers posted in our the 'green skills' platform.

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Looking for employment in the construction sector?
Update your training in construction and acquire competences in 'green skills', one of the fields of specialization with the most promising future prospects of the sector.

'Connecting People for Green Skills' project has developed a curriculum in various specialties and a pilot program with 10 semi-face courses in Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Denmark and Cyprus.